berlikete, biography is useless (and it would still be boring).

“... and what the hell is the berlikete? "
This is the recurring question I have to answer.
Berlikete is a kind of babau, a black man.
By the way, call it has you wish but know that when I was a child I really saw it, and if my grandmother hadn’t save me now I would not be here to tell you.

Coming back to the ground, Berlikete is the name chosen by Marcello Bellina when he draws and doesn’t play the bass or the guitar with MoRkObOt and Zolle.
His drawings are mainly made in black and white.
Marcello is self-taught and has always scribbled since childhood.
He has created drawings for coverings of some underground bands (MoRkObOt, Zolle, InSonar, Bone, Moss, Garaliya, Boda ...) and, since 2016, he collaborates with Manuel Bongiorni (Musica Per Bambini) on satirical fb page “Le Cronache del Guitto" as illustrator.